Lab for custom RF / MW measurements

Cover Sistemi has a laboratory for testing of the designed systems.
•    Real-time oscilloscope up to 4.5GHz and 25Gsamples
     o    Signals and waveform conformity to design specs
     o    Eye-diagrams of high-speed signals
     o    Spurious and noise analysis on power supply
     o    Custom elaboration of acquired waveforms (Octave / C / C++)
     o    acquisition and analysis of non-repetitive events
•    Sampling oscilloscope up to 20GHz
     o    Eye-diagrams of high-speed signals
     o    TDR measurements of 2-ports devices
     o    Xtalk measurements, line impedances
•    Spectrum analyzer up to 8GHz
     o    Channel power measurements
     o    In-band and out-of-band spurious measurements
     o    Spectral conformity with respect to  limit-emission spectral masks

Coding of programs for automatic acquisitions and measurements, acquisition of signals from different domain , post-measurement elaboration and statistical analysis