Design, Manufactoring and Supply of LED lighting for big indoor and outdoor area, illumination system both functional and operative

The Cover Systems offer services for LED lighting systems to be divided into:

Design according to customer specifications:
•    3D Lighting design and simulations
•    Optical Design in order to control the directivity of the light flux
•    Electronics Design, choosing the best LED chip and related power supply stage
•    Mechanical Design, chassis, heatsinks, optical and fastening systems

•    Rapid prototyping both for electronics and mechanics. The Design capabilities combined with the production, allow us to create best time-cost realizations even for pre-production prototypes.
•    Production in series: Manufactoring of molds and production equipment. Internal works, inventory management, testing, and shipping of final products

Tests and inspections

•    Electrical and mechanical tests
•    Accurate thermographic analysis
•    Optical measurements and photometric analysis

Supply of our standard products:
•    LED lamps for lighting (various categories of light flux and directivity)
•    Supply only for electronic components (LED boards assembled and power supply stage)
•    Supply only for mechanical components (chassis, heatsink)

 Developed applications:

LED Lighting systems for street lamps according to UNI EN 12301 and to UNI 11248 for the lighting categories
  LED lighting systems for parking lots, open spaces and large outdoor areas
  LED Lighting for perimetral areas
  LED lighting systems for large interior spaces, warehouses, hangars and working areas according to UNI EN 12464
  LED lighting systems for Machine Vision Systems, robotics and industrial automation
  LED lighting systems for video surveillance and security, visible light and infrared 850 - 940nm