Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

Cover Sistemi has grown a solid experience  in the design of IP of RF and MW circuits on 

Silicon integrated-circuits.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of RF / MW design issues and thanks to proven design-flow (along with a strong knowledge of different EDA tools such as Spectre / Cadence / AWR MWO) Cover Sistemi is able to develop custom IPs such as:

  • LNAs (UWB or narrowband)
  • Active and passive down and up-conversion mixers (e.g. Double Balanced Gilbert Cell, Double and Triple Balanced Passive Mixer, High Linearity Mixers)
  • VCOs and PLLs
  • Gm-C Filters 
  • IF Amplifiers
  • Non-standard, High performance UWB Pulse Generator (<500ps FWHM) for UWB applications


  • 0.35um / 0.18um / 90nm / 65nm / 45-40nm 
  • BiCMOS 0.35um (SiGe HBTs)


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